Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


Free Ebony Cams! For The Love Of Beauty

About Us

You ever seen that show on Net Flix “Shot In The Dark” it’s about screeners that capture news and sell it to the News Stations, and they have to be the first to capture it, edit it and get it out to the News Stations. It’s one of my favorite shows, because it’s precisely exactly what we do . But the news is.. Call it booty news;) Only real difference is we have to create the action $$$.. Bandz will make her dance in other words..

Yes we do charge on one site, to see some of our captures, like the screeners charge the News Stations, but that’s just to help keep it all going. For the most part their all posted for free at When you cam on or or It helps everything keep running smoothly. All the servers that run shegotass and blackgfpass and the people that help run them..

Live Girls!

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